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Own who you are

in the Metaverse.

Create value. 

Define our path.

Bring good to the world.

Blossom, as one.



We are



Path of Evolution

2022 Jan

Alpha Launch

2022 Feb

Beta Launch &

Public Events

Meta Bot Tool

2022 Mar

Official Launch

Meta Box Tool

2022 May

$META Launch

NFT Staking Launch

Curator Feature Launch

2022 June

$META Staking

2022 Aug

$UNE Conversion

2022 Oct

U Space Launch


UneMeta is a group of people that is building things together.

We have two goals in mind:

1. To help everyone reclaim their individual value in the Metaverse.

2. To use the Metaverse and blockchain to make the world a better place.

The first thing UneMeta will build is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. There you can make, buy, sell, and display digital assets. Art, music, videos, memes, gaming goodies, collectibles, and everything else. UneMeta will also build numerous free tools that you can use for various purposes related to NFTs and getting used to the Metaverse.

UneMeta will also gradually build towards becoming a social space and info hub. In the beginning, you will be able to chat with friends, visit their U space, make posts, as well as read and write about stuff. From there, what UneMeta can do and how it will progress will be up to you and the community.

$UNE represents your social value. You know, how Facebook and Instagram and Google make money using you. In Une Meta, you will be rewarded $UNE by just being you. Whether it’s being active in the community, completing events, raising awareness for causes you care about or anything else, $UNE will be used to ensure you can take control of your own value.

$META is the asset token of Une Meta and will be used for governance and decision making.

$UNE will be interchangeable with $META.

First, individually, Une Meta will allow for everyone to retake their lost asset and social values, via the usage of $UNE and $META ecosystem. We believe this is critical for adaptation of the Metaverse, decentralization of power and capital, and will be key in pushing us forward in the right direction.


Second, Une Meta will be a platform that will allow for blockchain to do good for the world. As a global society, we face many grave issues. Climate change, extinction of wildlife, lack of access to clean water for many are but a few of the problems we face. As such, each quarter, Une Meta will donate up to 30% of its earnings to non-profits chosen by the community. Une Meta will also consistently run events and projects focused on benefiting nonprofit organizations and causes and will build tools to help organizations and individuals establish new models leveraging blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse.   

For now, Une Meta supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards on Ethereum.

We plan to build cross-blockchain support across Ethereum,

Polygon and Binance Smart Chain soon.

For now, Une Meta supports connection with Metamask.

We also plan to extend connections with other crypto wallets soon.

Connect your crypto wallet first to get a more holistic experience of the platform.

Alpha launch will be available on February 11th, 2022.

The official launch will be in March 2022.

Stay tuned.

February 11th, 2022.

Stay tuned.

1600 Meta Boxes, unreserved.

8 different Players.

A box opens, a random Player is born.

Collect all 8, a Special Player is rewarded.

How Alpha works:


$UNE is your social value.


1. Connect your wallet to earn 500 $UNE and 1 Meta Box.

2. If your wallet has ≥ 5 ETH: earn a bonus 1000 $UNE + 1 extra Meta Box

3. Make a trade, earn 500 $UNE.


4. Provide quality feedback, earn 500 $UNE.

0.08ETH/Meta Box

Who is PlayerX?


PlayerX represents us as the new digital nomads.

Break free from conventions.

Grasp your own freedom and independence.

The pandemic has proven that we have long been ready to live how we want, where we want.

We have just been restrained by the outdated norms of our centralized past.


Don’t work for a company.

Don’t work for a CEO.

Live and work for yourself, on the blockchain, as one of us, as Une.

Be freed from being defined.


Bounce across boundaries, across countries, across languages.

From anywhere, of any vocation, of any lifestyle.


Welcome, PlayerX.

​Walk as One

PlayerX takes the first step.

February 11th 03:00PM PST.

1600 unique players, born from Meta Boxes.

The first generation, only for Alpha Testers.

Business on top. Party on the bottom.

The Digital Nomad Bunny.

We are PlayerX



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